Foreclosure Forum March 11, 2012

Fellowship Hall, 1341 College Ave. Modesto 95350

Hosted by Occupy Modesto


            I attended this forum on Sunday past along with about 25 other people.  There were representatives of different occupy groups, Modesto, Sacramento, Merced, Stanislaus, Calaveras, Contra Costa, Mariposa and Sonora (unofficially, me).  Also sitting next to me was a middle aged couple from Morgan Hill, whose home was in foreclosure, trying to garner additional information as to what they could do.

            The forum was scheduled from 2PM to 6PM.  I had to leave by 4PM.  I did have the opportunity to listen to one of the main speakers, “CJ” Holmes, realtor, real estate investor and certainly an enthusiast for going after the financial, banking institutions and any others who allegedly have been swindling homeowners during the foreclosure process.

            From a chart CJ presented,TuolumneCountyhas “upside down” mortgages totaling approx. 3,107 and is suffering about 45 auctions per month, and 11.9% of mortgages “under water.”

            “CJ” claims that most of the foreclosures, no matter where they are being initiated are fraudulent, and the process used by the initiators “….breaks all the rules of the chain of custody, from securitization thru the foreclosure process” where applied.

            For those who are in foreclosure, “CJ” believes it is in the best interests of the mortgage holders to confront the county recorders’ offices, demanding certain documents that she explains on her website which is included in the sources below.

            Her logic is based on the chain of custody that seemingly is broken and illegal because of the mortgage registry established called, “MERS”.  Mortgage ( Electronic Registration Systems. 

            “CJ” Holmes website has many “hot links” that will lead those who are interested to other sites and explanatory ones about which she has talked about.  (

            She gives (hot link) examples of what the documents should look like when attempting to get that particular information from the county recorders offices. 

            Quoted from CJ Holmes site:

“As we pressure local officials, Californians, please consider signing our Online Petition asking the Governor to issue a foreclosure moratorium.  During the great depression, also caused by Bank fraud by the way, 28 states issued foreclosure moratoriums.  Each petition signer has a chance to send a personal message to our State Officials. 

Here’s some of the Petitioner Comments Already Sent:
“Slavery is alive and well, but it has a new name:  Foreclosures.”
“Yet another victim of fraud-stop them!!!!”
“Stop foreclosure.  Our dream homes on the Trustee Sale list.  We are suffering too much!”
“Me and my neighbors have had enough – please stop foreclosures now”
“This is the very least you can do.”

            Near the bottom of CJ Holmes site you will find a petition you might like to sign:

This link will take you to the petition page.

At the very bottom of her page you will find many more links to further satisfy your curiosity or search for more information and facts.

Huffington Post Article by SF Assessor/recorder:

“Foreclosure Audit Reveals Pervasive Irregularities” Feb. 23, 2012.

Phil Ting, Assessor Recorder San Francisco

Huffington Post on line:

It is informative to read the readers comments (like always).


Another great site that I personally receive newsletter briefs and have been garnering information about foreclosures and personal experiences:

This site always has tons of personal comments that are informative and will make “connections” with others who are suffering thru the same problems involving banks, mortgage companies, other financial institutions and foreclosures.

            For further sites just use your imagination and your search browser; you will be inundated with sites to explore.

All in all I enjoyed the forum and hope that there will be more that we can attend.  We need to pass this information on to other “Occupy” sites.  The more individuals, groups involved, the more power can be mobilized to maybe change some of the horrible inequities so many are suffering in this financial crisis.

Remember: The financial system we espouse is basically founded on what I call, “The Greater Fool Theory”.

“You must find another greater fool to purchase what you have purchased as a fool in the first place.”



Bert Canepa


OccupySonora(and the World)

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Occupy Sonora Drawing

A family from Paris was visiting downtown Sonora on New Year's Eve during an Occupy Sonora demonstration. One of the daughters crossed the street and took a seat on the wall outside the Veteran's Hall to capture the moment.


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MLK Day Celebration

Good Morning Fellow Occupiers,

This past Sunday afternoon many folks gathered at Sonora High School to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Occupy Sonora is very grateful to the Motherlode Martin Luther King Jr. Committee for asking us to participate in their celebration and letting us spread our word for justice. We greeted attendees as they entered the auditorium and had a table at the reception in the library. His fight has now become our fight, and we are up to the challenge.

It was a wonderful assembly of local talent: The Pine Cone Singers, storyteller Cynthia Restivo, The Sierra Waldorf Choir, and the Student Essay contest winner, Miss Boyak. The headliner was guest speaker Rev. Dorsey Blake from the San Francisco Church of the Fellowship for all Peoples.

The assembly inspired many emotions. Ms. Restivo’s stories of courage brought a tear to many an eye.  Her stories demonstrated the strength of non-violent action and the impact those actions can have.  We are reminded to “be like the wind, penetrating, having the ability to move mountains” with determination and perseverance. “Perseverance Furthers” – was a great reminder.

It was so apparent that the struggles of the past are still with us, if not greater.  Rev. Blake acknowledged the need for the energy of the Occupy Movement in bringing about change.  This was music to our ears.  We, who have taken up the movement, understand the need.  We also understand that the strength of all of us coming together can make a difference; something Dr. King acknowledged again and again.

Rev. Blake recited the Preamble to the Constitution:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

One phrase that caught our attention was to “insure domestic Tranquility”.  People are getting more and more desperate to feed themselves, house themselves and their families.  Tranquility is not present for many.  The system is broken and we need to be like the wind to bring about the changes needed.

The MLK event was an afternoon well spent. It left one with many thoughts to consider.   Many Sonora Occupiers were present to assist the movement – “One day longer, one day stronger”, and we applaud all of you that are working to continue MLK’s DREAM. Please mark your calendars for next year’s event!

In Solidarity,

Occupy Sonora



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Holiday Vacation is Over

Hello Fellow Occupiers,

Happy New Year to all of you! Sorry to be out of touch for so long – the holidays were fun and a bit exhausting, but I’m back in action now. Although I am a bit out of the loop, I do know that our first evening meeting took place this week and can’t wait to hear the great plans that came out of it. Please stay tuned to learn more about when and where these meetings will take place. Also, we will have a table at the Sonora MLK celebration on Sunday at Sonora High, 2 pm – please drop by!

After getting caught up on Occupy Sonora on-goings at tomorrow’s demonstration and General Assembly I will be back in touch with all of you!

In Solidarity,

Your Webweaver

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A 29 Cent Message

Hello Fellow Occupiers,

Have you wondered what you can do to help further the Occupy movement when not holding a sign with us in Courthouse Park? Well, we have the answer for you! One of our fellow Sonora Occupiers, with generous donations from other Sonora Occupiers, has printed postcards for us to send our representatives (and it even has a photo of our first Occupy Sonora on it). You may be asking, “Why a postcard? Can that really make a difference?”

The answer is YES it can make a difference! Hand written mail carries more weight than an email because of the time and energy that goes into it (don’t you love getting cards or letters?). Postcards will get through the scanning/security process faster than letters because envelopes must be opened, scanned, and checked for hazards.  This security screening can take up to 3 weeks – so opt for a postcard when possible.

Don’t have a postcard? Well come on down to Courthouse Park tomorrow and pick up a few! If you are not sure what to write about, check out to see what bills are currently under consideration. Letters that reference specific legislation by bill number are more influential than generalized comments or personal stories. Be specific, brief, and personalized (include full name and address so they know you are a real constituent). Find your representatives here. In the near future you will find more letter writing tips and our representatives full contact info on our Take Action page.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Human Rights Day. Come to Courthouse Park any time between 10am-1pm to show your support for the fundamental rights and freedoms that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE is entitled to!

In Solidarity,

Your OS Webweaver


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Sonora Occupiers In the News

Hello Fellow Occupiers,

I wanted to thank two Occupiers for getting the word out about our movement. Bob Wetzel of Murphys  and Bill Schiavo of Sonora, both took the time to send a letter to the editor to the Union Democrat – way to go! If you haven’t had a chance to read them, check them out on These letters are so important as they reach a large population that may not fully understand, or agree with, the OWS movement. I urge more Occupiers to send in letters to the editor or guest opinion pieces not only to the Union Democrat, but other local newspapers as well.

Another action you can take is to write your representatives and senators. If you come to our demonstration this Saturday you can pick up an Occupy Sonora postcard to write what you’d like to see our government do to better represent The 99%. One of our fellow Occupiers designed the postcards and with gracious donations from people at our demonstrations, is printing up a thousand or more! While email is quick and easy, a written letter is much more effective. So join us this Saturday at Courthouse Park to make your voice heard here in Sonora and in Washington:-)

In Solidarity,

Your OS Webweaver

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Meet Sonora Occupiers

Hello Fellow Occupiers,

Yesterday was a beautiful day for an Occupy Sonora (OS) demonstration and we were so excited to see many new faces, as well as returning faces. We temporarily held our gathering on Restano Way (near Subway). We were delighted by the large amount of supportive travelers and by the lovely sunshine!  However, next week you will find us back at Courthouse Park on S. Washington Street. Wondering where we’ll be meeting next? Check our “Take Action” page for current events.

In case you haven’t been able to make it to an OS gathering, I’d like to give you a chance to ‘meet’ some of our demonstrators. I’ve recently asked fellow Occupiers why they participate in OS demonstrations. Here are a few responses:

“I stand with my fellow citizens across this nation to protest against the 1% of large corporations and Wall Street who are calling the shots for the 99% of the rest of us.  We need to take a stand now and keep standing until our legislators make changes to return the government back to the people.” – Laurie Bailie

“I am participating in Occupy Sonora/We are the 99% in hopes of taking our democracy back from the power of corporate influence and returning it to the American people. I want to see the return of the American Dream and the opportunity for ALL it implies, not just for the 1%. I am tired of feeling hopeless about our future.” – Ronald Barnett

“I am part of Occupy Sonora because things have to change and this is my small part to help the change.  I can’t sit back and do nothing.  I hunger for peace and justice, and poverty, as Gandhi said, is the worst form of violence.”  –Therese Van Tuyl

“I feel despair at the way the economic imbalance in the United States is destroying the middle class. Being at Occupy Sonora gives me a lift. The signs are powerful and funny. The people are upbeat even though they feel the same frustration I feel. The best part, though, is the HUGE number of agreeing honks and waves from folks driving by. It helps to know there really is a 99% and they’re my neighbors!” – Beetle Barbour

Why do you support the Occupy movement? If you attend Occupy demonstrations, why do you stand on the curb holding a sign? This website is for you, The 99%, and OS wants to hear from you!

Check back next week to learn what actions OS is taking and what our fellow Occupiers hope to accomplish. Be sure you don’t miss the next blog post by following us via email (see link on right sidebar). In the meantime, please peruse the rest of our website and let us know what else you would like to see on it.

In Solidarity,



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